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Preview the NORBIS summer school program

8. June, 2017


The program for the 2017 NORBIS summer school is now available, and can be downloaded from the Summer school web page. Remember to sign up by the end of TODAY (June 8)!

Scientific illustration by Pina Kingman, who is one of the instructors at the summer school.

Learn how to build your academic CV and write successful project proposals

4. May, 2017


To successfully continue with an academic career there are many specific skills you will need to acquire and common pitfalls to avoid. How can you succeed with your project proposals, how to find that right project idea and what is important to remember, already during your PhD, when it comes to developing your CV? Join our academic career course at UiO 7-8 June, and start thinking about the next steps in your academic career early on. Read more and register here.

Nature Masterclass; workshop on scientific writing, 21-22 June

24. April, 2017


NORBIS is happy to offer the opportunity to attend a Nature Masterclass workshop on scientific writing, in Fredrikstad 21-22 June. The training is delivered by editors from selected relevant journals from the Nature Publishing Group, and aims to help institutions and laboratories support their researchers in writing research papers. This high-level writing course is a collaboration between several Norwegian national research schools, and is aimed at senior PhD students and postdocs who are working on high-impact data for top-tier journals. 

Read more and register here by 15th May.

New workshop: Network science meets omics data in Bergen 23-25 August

23. April, 2017


We are very happy to announce a workshop entitled ‘Network Biology/Integromics Bioinformatics – Applications Towards Medicine’, to take place in Bergen 23-25 August. During this workshop, world leading experts in the field will teach you how network science meets omics data, give you an introduction to graph theory, an overview of different types of biological networks and integromics approaches for complex disease analysis. Confirmed speakers include Albert-László Barabási, Benno Schwikowski and Laura Furlong and several others.

You may find more information and register (by 15th June) here.

Illustration: doi:10.1038/nature04209

Registration now open for the NORBIS Summer school

7. April, 2017


We are happy to announce that registration now is open for this year’s NORBIS summer school, which is entitled ‘Communicating research by visualisation, illustration and storytelling‘, and takes place in Bergen, August 28-September 1. Please read more and register here, by June 8.

Nine international travel grants awarded!

3. April, 2017

The first NORBIS international travel grants have now been awarded!

In this very first round of grant applications, the NORBIS board has decided to generously award a total of 450 000 NOK, to support the research exchange of nine NORBIS PhD students. Each student will receive funding corresponding to the newly established NORBIS international travel grant guidelines, which may be found here.

The nine successful student are as follows:

Name Institution Destination Department Duration
Francesco Delogu NMBU Braunschweig, Germany Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research 3 months, Summer-Fall 2017
Teshome Mulugeta NMBU Zaragoza, Spain Laboratory of Computational and Structural Biology 3 months, April-May and Aug-Oct 2017
Mahsa Jalili NTNU University of Aberdeen, UK Institute of Biological and Environmental Sciences 3 months, Aug-Oct 2017
Kjersti Rise NTNU  University of Iceland, Reykjavik The Centre for System Biology 3 months, Apr-Jul 2017
Vasundra Touré NTNU Paris, France Institut Curie and ENS Paris 6 months, Sep 2017-Feb 2018
Miriam Gjerdevik UiB Newcastle University, UK Institute of Genetic Medicine 3 months, Sep-Dec 2017
Anna Frank UiO  Cornell University, New York, USA Department of Biological Statistics and Computationl Biology 6 months, Jan-Jun 2018
Aliaksandr Hubin UiO Medical University of Vienna, Austria Department of Medical Statistics 3 months, Sep-Dec 2017
Chloe B. Steen UiO Stanford University School of Medicine, San Fransisco, USA Department of Medicine and Stanford Cancer Institute  6 months, Aug 2017-Jan 2018


We wish you all good luck, and look forward to reading your reports when you return!

Want to learn how to write reproducible workflows? Join our introduction to Snakemake!

31. March, 2017

We are now happy to announce a workshop that may make lives easier for some of you! Registration is now open for our next workshop, entitled ‘An introduction to Snakemake: Writing reproducible bioinformatics workflows‘, which will take place at NTNU in Trondheim, June 12-16 2017. 

Snakemake is a combination of the languages Python and Make. Python is famous for being easy to read, write and use, whereas Make is a robust system for creating reproducible workflows. Make is unfortunately inflexible and hard to use. Snakemake aims for the best of both worlds: it is a robust language and system to create reproducible workflows that is easy to read, write and learn. Snakemake makes it easy to incorporate all aspects of a modern bioinformatics pipeline into one workflow. It also allows you to use the three most popular bioinformatics languages together: Snakemake uses the Python language natively, and has excellent support for incorporating R and shell.
Please read more and register here, by 2nd May.

NORBIS summer school August 28-September 1

10. March, 2017

Hold the dates August 28 – September 1 for this year’s summer school; ‘Communicating research by visualisation, illustration and storytelling’. Please look back shortly for more information and registration.

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